Form I-III “Frenchship” day

Form I-III “Frenchship” day
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Our first BSP French inter-school meeting was put forward based on a wonderful idea coming from the CPB French Markets that we have had for a few years now.

The French team organised this first meeting on Friday 16th August with the help and participation of the teachers and students from Cambridge College, Hiram Bingham School, St. George’s College, San Silvestre School and our own Colegio Peruano Británico.

Our purpose was to bring French-speaking culture to the students from the five participating school, by means of various fun and cultural activities.

First of all, we had the joy of watching the interesting presentations each school put on, with among others: history, mini-dialogues, gastronomy, 80s music and our friend the Direct Object Complement (COD in French)!

Then the famous French Market started, with stands where everyone could participate in a good ambiance. From the quiz, to the sweet-guessing, from the photobooth to the gastronomic buffet, as well as the “pétanque”, all of which were highly successful.

This wonderful morning was topped off by the traditional group photo of all the participants that came to this historical first BSP meeting of “Frenchship” Day!

Thank you to all for allowing us to have an unforgettable time and… until next year in a different universe of French in the BSP!

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