Grade 6 – Maths Mania

Grade 6 – Maths Mania
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This year, the BSP Maths Mania took place in Colegio Peruano Británico. Grade 6 students from Fleming College, Cambridge College, Hiram Bingham School, Newton College and San Silvestre Silvestre worked in mixed groups with our own students to figure out a challenge they were presented with.

Everyone became a start-up business. Students had time to plan and create a product using mainly recycled materials to present in front of managers from three different “banks”. These bankers (who were 5th Grade Maths flyers from CPB) selected just one product to finance, similar to a “Shark Tank” experience.

Students had the opportunity to share ideas and team spirit as a group, in order to achieve a common goal. They were able to develop independent creative thinking, collaborative skills and use relevant knowledge in Maths, Science, Art and Technology.

Thanks to everyone for participating and supporting this event. We had an awesome day!!

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