Grade 5 – Spanish Poetry Comp

Grade 5 – Spanish Poetry Comp
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During the first week of June, four students from each of the Lima-based BSP schools participated in an online poetry competition in Spanish. This is a new event for 2019, with the aim of encouraging the development of literary and creative skills in our younger students, by allowing them to express themselves through the creation of poems. The two chosen topics for the students to write were: Nature and Friendship. The poems were free in presentation, as long as they included a minimum of three four-lined verses. They were evaluated on the organisation, spelling, creativity and poetry features. The winning poems were written by:

First Place: Isabella Miranda Porras
St. George’s College
“La Naturaleza”
Second Place: Catalina Del Castillo
Hiram Bingham School
“La Amistad”
Third Place: Ximena Garrido
Colegio Peruano Británico
“La Amistad”

We look forward to even more creativity and literary wonders from next year’s BSP Grade 5 students!

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