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OAP Workshop Saturday 10 August
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This year, on Saturday 10th August, the One Act Play Workshop was held at San Silvestre School. The focus of the event was to help students, taking part in the upcoming One Act Play, to improve their confidence on stage and to equip them with improvisation skills that will aid them in producing an authentic, engaging performance.

The San Silvestre One Act Play students were in charge of the day and they did a wonderful job guiding the group through each task. The day started with some warm-up activities where the participants had to use their bodies in different ways to greet others. Then they moved on to an exhilarating round of the killer game where a BSP teacher had been selected to murder students with a wink. Next, the students got into mixed groups and were asked to complete several activities to keep them on their toes, such as the expert game, where a member of the group had to become an ‘expert’ on a randomly selected topic. Finally, the groups had to solve clues in order to receive the information and props that they would need to prepare a short improvised performance.

It was great to see all of the students interacting with each other so well and to see their confidence blossoming as the day progressed. There was also an impromptu karaoke session after the break.

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